It’s always best to start at the beginning….

So, let’s start at the beginning. Before my journey into mamahood, i was a 27 year old girl, planning her wedding to the love of her life. It was August 2015, we had booked the church, the honeymoon, ordered the bridesmaid dresses and suits and i was starting on the best part….THE DRESS!!

I started feeling iffy for a few days and for some strange reason i decided to take a pregnancy test…POSITIVE! Well that was it, i paced up and down the estate as Chris was on afters on the phone to his cousin and my mum wondering what the hell i was gonna do. I was planning on getting married, I couldn’t be pregnant!! When i broke the news, he was as calm as could be, whereas i was falling apart!

Our pregnancy journey wasn’t as smooth sailing at the start as we would have hoped, i had 5 weeks of blood tests as my HCG levels weren’t showing pregnancy and the doctors didn’t know why. For 5 agonizing weeks I had the constant nausea, the smell aversions, the tender boobs all the while everyone is telling me ‘You’re probably not pregnant’ I was heartbroken and so was Chris. On the 7th September 2015 i phoned for my results, as i had done every week for the past month only they couldn’t give me them as a doctor hadn’t reviewed them. I asked the receptionist if she could see the HCG level. She said yes. I asked if it was higher than 137 (which was my level on the last test) She said yes. By alot? Again, she said yes – we were pregnant!!!!! The next morning at 6am i finally saw that pink line clear as day.

We cancelled all plans for the wedding as by my calculations, we would be due around the time of the big day and we had something far more exciting to look forward to…our little bundle of joy

2 weeks later we were dealt another devastating blow, my beloved Nanan had passed away. I believe that i fell pregnant when i did for a reason, this baby gave me something to focus on, a reason to not fall down the rabbit hole and to hold on to reality. The reality that it wasn’t just me anymore and i had to look after this little person that I was entrusted with.

This blog will be about my journey as a mama, from the birth, which will be my next post, through to now and beyond.

I can’t wait to share more with you all and i hope you enjoy reading!

Love Kayleigh xx


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