A New Normal

As I’m sat here, I have my 20 month old son asleep at my feet. Never in a million years did I think that this would be my ‘normal’ yet here I am

Rewind 3 years and my idea of normal was vegging out on the sofa watching trashy TV, having long luxurious baths with candles and smellies, lay ins on a weekend, several date nights with Chris and spontaneous nights out. Back to the present. My vegging on the sofa is reduced to the 10 minutes before bed time after tidying the kitchen, the bathroom and living room (who am I kidding – this never happens) my trashy TV has gone from Keeping up with the Kardashians to Thomas and Friends, my long luxurious baths are filled with toys that splash, lights that flash and they are no longer taken alone. I have forgotten what a lay in is, I’m sure its sleeping past 6.30am but I’m not sure, ill get back to you on that one. It popped up on my Timehop the other day mine and Chris’ last date night….1 year ago! We keep trying to organise one but we never seem to get around to it!! Spontaneity is a thing of the past, it is virtually impossible to be spontaneous with a child. Any outing requires at least 3 weeks written notice, several fall backs for childcare in case your initial childcare falls through for some reason and when it actually comes down to it, is it worth all that hassle for a few hours at the pub??? Short answer YES! Even if you do feel like you could fall asleep at any given moment. Word of warning though, if you do make plans with a mama, do not, under any circumstances cancel last minute – a lot has gone into making sure that she can make this and she will no doubt be craving a little adult company – even if she spends every minute missing her baby

I find that all conversations lead back to my child though. Whether it be a few drinks with my friends, coffee with my mum or a meal with Chris somehow it always comes round to Elliott. I mean, there is no better topic but also, there isn’t really anything else that is conversation worthy happening in my life apart from him. So, if we are together and I seem to be going on and on about what my child has done that day or week, I do apologise but that is probably the most exciting thing that has happened in my life!

Writing this it seems like I am complaining, its quite the opposite. I get to spend my time doing things these days rather than wasting them doing nothing. I get to watch a little person grow and learn new things everyday and that is truly amazing. Whether it be the big things such as crawling (which we mastered at 5months), first steps (9months – I didn’t get a lot of time to relax!) or the little things like stacking bricks for the first time, I get to be there to experience them alongside him. And that, to me is far better than bingeing on a boxset in bed or a few drinks at the local.

I try not to mourn for my ‘old life’ but more embrace my new one. This one is filled with wonder and excitement and has limitless possibilities

Welcome to my new ‘normal’. I love it

Love Kayleigh x




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