It only takes a minute….

This post isn’t a happy one, I’m writing this after watching the horrific documentary about James Bulger and his 2 young killers. It’s one that most of you watched and it has shook me to my core, as I’m sure it has with a lot of people – not just my fellow mamas.

It’s something that you never think will happen, certainly not by young boys either. It was pure evil and how James’ mother has carried on after her son was brutally taken away from her is beyond me. She has shown strength and courage that is so commendable but at the same time, its a strength and courage we all hope we never, ever have to show ourselves.

It’s prompted me to think about the world that I have brought my son into, to think have I done the right thing? Have I cursed my child to live in a world that is ruled by fear and torment? The fact that when I go out with my son, I can’t take my eyes off of him, not for one second, for fear that he could be snatched away. After all, James’ mum only took her eye off him for a minute. Its something we all do, I did it at Asda last week while I was paying for our shopping. It’s an innocent act that no one ever thinks will have consequences.

But then I think that although there are some terrible, terrible things in this world, there are also some amazing things, some beautiful things. Our children for one. Rather than dwelling on the idea that I have damned him to a life to be lived in fear, I concentrate on the wonder that is in his life, the wonder that is all around us, if we take the time to look past the bad and see the good

I will be keeping a closer eye on Elliott whenever we are out, never letting go of his hand and holding him tighter at night. But I wont let fear rule us, or prevent us from doing the things we love. None of us should.

Thanks for reading, love Kayleigh xxx

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