Snowy Adventures

It’s been a while since my last post, a lot has been going on! Nothing exciting or meaningful, just everyday life, where there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done! So blogging took a back seat for a few weeks.

What a week we’ve had here in the UK! ‘The Beast from the East’ as the tabloids have penned it (or Wednesday according to Finland) has struck old blighty, and boy, didn’t we know about it! From 6pm Tuesday evening , my little town turned into something from a David Attenborough Arctic special. Honestly half expected a polar bear to come sauntering down my street at one point, or at least a penguin or two.

Snowfall meant Snowdays. Snowdays that I remember from being little where its up to the top of your boots and excellent for sledging. Not the pitiful excuse fr snow we have had for the past few years (the country still comes to a standstill and there’s a national milk and bread shortage regardless) Of course, we didn’t have a sledge so running around in it had to do. This was Elliott’s first experience of ‘real snow’ and safe to say he LOVED it. All wrapped up in his snow suit and wellies, we took off across tot he park for some snowy fun. I resembled a Yeti in snowboots as i left the house wearing 2 coats, but man was I warm! And as always with young children – boys especially i have found – we had an injury. We were stood in a large park and he had that massive space to fall over in, but no, in true Elliott style he had to fall over and bang his face against the only metal fence in sight. Well done kiddo. After some tears and silly faces from mama and daddy, he cheered up and we had a fun morning in the park. (He’s perfectly fine by the way, just a little bruise in his hairline that’s hardly noticeable)

There’s something magical about snow. If you put aside the treacherous driving conditions, the below freezing temperatures and the chance of death, everything looks more beautiful in the snow. Even the grubbiest of landscapes sparkles when it is covered by snow.

I hope you all stayed safe during the snowy weather and enjoyed making lovely memories with your littles ad loved ones, but if someone can go and find Elsa and tell her to thaw Britain i’d be very grateful – I’d like summer now please!!!!!

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