Welcome Back!

It’s been a long while since I last wrote on here and my, has a lot happened! Let me fill you in on what has been going on!!

I was unfortunately made redundant from my job in July, got married in October and became Mrs Medlam, we went on a fantastic family-moon to Portugal, just the three of us and now it’s the festive season! Doesn’t seem like two minutes since it was January 1st and it’s now almost the end of the year!!!

We put our decorations up early this year, very early – November 12th early! I had been suffering really badly with my anxiety and low mood since we came back from Portugal and Chris thought it would help refocus my mind by putting up our tree.

We went to the local hardware to buy some more decorations, and we set up the tree and the lights and it has worked a treat. Elliott loves them, and puts them on every morning when we go downstairs – he calls them stars and always says how pretty they are.

I was slightly (OK, extremely) concerned that I was setting myself up for a month and a half of constantly shouting at Elliott for pulling off the baubles, trying to push the tree over and going at any presents that were put underneath. Thankfully, I’ve had to do none of that!! he points out the Disney baubles – he’s a big Winnie the Pooh fan like his Mama – and loves the little reindeer we have by the side of our television. He hasn’t even paid any attention to the two presents under the tree!!!

I don’t want this to be a regular thing, putting up our decorations as soon as the fireworks of Bonfire Night have died down, but under these circumstances it was a necessary evil. I think that because I had put so much time and energy into planning the wedding, trying to find a job (part time accountancy vacancies are like unicorn poop i can tell you that!) and paying for everything, all the while looking after Elliott and then after the wedding and the familymoon was over I had nothing to do, I couldn’t really adjust. Coupled with being in a new job, meeting new people and getting used to not seeing the old faces I was in a real slump.

Being made redundant was a strange experience, normally when you are leaving a place of employment you mentally prepare yourself because you WANT to leave for one reason or another. Either it’s because you have a new job that will help you up the career ladder or the place where you work just isn’t for you, you are ready to go. I wasn’t. I loved my job (to a degree, i’m not a complete crazy person) I loved the people who i worked with, and although it was a tumultuous time, the atmosphere was great, and I didn’t want to leave. So being forced to go was something i took a while to get to grips with – this didn’t help my state of mind much!

I have come to terms with it, and realised that, it is actually for the best. The role that i am in now is more stable and can help me grow in my profession. I miss my old work and colleagues dearly but I’m excited for the future!

As always, i have the love and support of my son, husband and family and know that it’s OK not to be OK

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