A new decade approaches….

In less than 24 hours I will be leaving my 20’s behind and entering my 30’s. While this may seem trivial, the idea of leaving an entire decade behind and embracing a new one is a rather daunting prospect.

I will be 30.

I remember thinking that 30 was old. Once you left the comfort of having being in your 20’s that was it. Game over. But as it approached, all that dread that was there in my mid twenties of hitting the big 3 0 was gone. Instead there was excitement and anticipation of what will lie ahead. 30 was no longer the end, but the beginning of a whole new adventure

My twenties were brilliant. I had some brilliant times, with brilliant people, sme who are no longer a part of my life for one reason or another. I look back on some memories fondly and some still make me shudder (mostly my fashion choices – what was I thinking, and more to the point, why did no one stop me?!?!?!?) I met my husband, built a life together, we welcomed our son and made some fantastic friends – ones who were worth my time and effort and left those who weren’t behind.

I’ve been doing some real hard musings over turning 30, so here are my thoughts on hitting the next milestone

Turning 30 isn’t the end of the world. If anything, its the start! I’ve achieved everything I wanted to by the time I reached 30. I moved into my own house, had my first child and got married (all with the same guy too which is a bonus) so i’m not entering my thirties with any regrets. I can’t wait to see what experiences I will have, both personally and with my family and where the next 10 years will take me – and if i’m this optimistic and jovial approaching 40!!

30 is NOT old. I am sticking by this one! I don’t feel ‘old enough’ to be turning 30! I don’t imagine that in the morning when i wake up I will have a new found love of knitting, suddenly have pockets full of Werthers Originals and begin complaining about how things weren’t like this in my day, but I don’t feel like it’s real. 30 to a child is ancient, and I think we carry this idea with us as we get older. But as we near actually becoming this age, we realise that, actually, it’s not as ‘old’ as we once imagined or as bad.

 Getting older does mean getting wiser. As clichéd as it sounds, as we get older we do get wiser. If i could redo my late teens/early twenties knowing what I know now, my life would have turned out very differently! But it’s our experiences that allow us this wisdom, without them we’d be useless! I’m glad of everything that I went through as a teenager and young adult, although some things were painful and I wished at the time I wasn’t experiencing them, they have made me who I am today. So i embrace the choices and even the mistakes I made, because without them I wouldn’t be me. That’s not saying that I will never make a mistake again, i’ll be 30, not perfect, but hopefully they won’t be as monumentally stupid as they were back then (only time will tell on that one)

So, i’m going to wake up in the morning and welcome my 30’s with open arms.

20’s you’ve been a real blast, but come at me 30 – I’m ready for you!!


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