Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool has always been a massive part of my childhood growing up, we used to go as a family at least once a year, stay in a B&B and spend our days either on the beach, in the arcades or at their amusement park; the Pleasure Beach

We were gratefully given passes for the Pleasure Beach in May which we used for Elliott’s 3rd birthday. We have been for his birthday every year – its becoming a bit of a tradition!

Mum, Elliott and Chris walking through NickleodeonLand

When we first arrived at the park, we were taken to the Customer Service desk to collect our wristbands and passes, so we didn’t go to the main desks. The queues there do vary depending on the time of year and the weather but they do go down quickly. The prices for a day pass are very reasonable considering the size of the park and what there is to do there, and there are always deals online for you to take advantage of. I’d definately recommend taking a look before you visit. Also at the moment, if you visit on a Saturday and it rains, you can return the next day for FREE! How many parks do you know that do that?

When we went this time the weather wasn’t amazing, but it didn’t rain either! But it did mean that Elliott couldn’t enjoy the water fountains by the main entrance. The Dancing Water Fountains have more than 30 jets of water that shoot up at different heights and when the weather is warm – brilliant to cool down in. Once an hour these fountains become synchronised with lights and music in a fantastic water show!

Elliott by the water fountains (the weather wasn’t good enough this visit, so I’ve used last years!)

Elliott’s favourite part of the park was NickleodeonLand. This part of the park is tailored towards to younger visitors and has lots of rides for them to go on. There are 12 rides in NickleodeonLand based around Nickleodeon characters including SpongeBob, Fairly Odd Parents, Rugrats, Dora the Explorer and more! Elliott went on his first proper rollercoaster, the Blue Flyer! He wasn’t overly impressed but he had his daddy to hold on to! I remember going on the Blue Flyer when I was little – only it was called the Zipper Dipper then!

You can also meet the characters at NickleodeonLand which Elliott was very excited about! The ones that we were most excited to see were PawPatrol! The best part is not only do they come out and say hello but they do a little dance number! Elliott was amazed that he got to see Skye, Chase and Marshall up close! You can also have your photo taken with them, either on the green screen or on the stage.

One of my favourite things about Blackpool Pleasure Beach is that it not only has awesome new roller-coasters such as InFusion, Pepsi Max (which is the tallest roller-coaster in Europe!) the brand new Icon (definitely recommend going on this one – its a must for all thrill seekers!) but it also has authentic wooden roller-coasters. These include The Grand National and The Big Dipper, with the latter earning Grade II listed status in 2017!

There are plenty of places to eat and drink within the park, its easy to spend a whole day there! There are plenty of kiosks dotted around the park offering Fish & Chips, Burgers, HotDogs, seafood, Donuts and Waffles – so you are really spoilt for choice! There are also sit down restaurants if you don’t want to eat on the go – unfortunately having a toddler (and a husband!) who didn’t want to stay still we stuck to the kiosks and didn’t have the opportunity to try out the restaurant!

There are All You Can Eat and All You Can Drink passes that you can purchase for your visit, which comes in very handy if you have young ones!

There is so much to do in the Pleasure Beach, it’s one of my favourite places to visit. The people that work there are so friendly and happy to help, the atmosphere is amazing and its impossible to get bored! They also have late night ridings over several weekends during the year – its awesome going through the park, seeing all the coasters lit up and its adds a whole new dimension when you are riding on them. I will definitely be returning to the Pleasure Beach with my family

Thank you to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for giving us the opportunity to review their amusement park and I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading it! Please give us a like a follow so you don’t miss out on our posts.

Thanks Kayleigh xx

All views are my own.

7 thoughts on “Blackpool Pleasure Beach

  1. I’ve been to Blackpool but never been to the pleasure beach before, will certainly check it out if I’m ever up there again. A great read, thank you!


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