My Top 5 Lockdown Activities with Children

Hello Everyone! I haven’t written a post in a good while, I haven’t found the time! With going back to work almost full time, Elliott being ill all the time and keeping the house in some sort of livable condition, blogging has taken a back seat!

But, I thought while we are on lockdown and I find myself with (slightly) more time on my hands, I’d get back into it – so here goes!

I was struggling finding a topic to write about, so I put a little poll up on my Instagram stories for some tips from my followers (if you don’t follow me already – why not!) and one of the suggestions was Lockdown Activities with your Kids. Now, im not saying that I am that super organised mum who has everything all sorted for daily activities, keeping them interesting and educational – I have had days where I have just let him veg with the iPad! But hopefully some of the ideas I have done give you some inspiration! And if you have got any of your own to share, pop them in the comments – I’d love to try them!

These are my top 5 activities that we have done during Lockdown

  1. Crafts

Easter was the perfect excuse to get crafting, one of the ideas that I loved doing with Elliott was our Easter cards – but you can do these anytime. I bought a pack of blank cards in the shape of a rabbit from Tesco and ordered some acrylic paints and brushes from Amazon. We got out the CraftyPod that we had previously been gifted and has been an absolute god send during this lockdown. I will put a link at the bottom of this post if you want to check them out. We painted them all different colours, and I got Elliott to write his name in each of the cards. He has been struggling with his writing, so this was good practice! I popped them in envelopes, and we had a walk up to the post box and posted them to his grandparents and aunties and uncles.

  • Dinosaur Hunting

Now this activity is super easy and adaptable to each child! It doesn’t have to be dinosaur hunting, but as Elliott is practically obsessed – dino’s are the way to go for us. I hadn’t realised how much being stuck inside the house was affecting Elliott until we started going on little walks every other day. He has started getting excited to go ‘looking for dino footprints and nests’ and it has become something I look forward to as well. Not only does this give him (and me) some much needed fresh air and exercise, it also gets his imagination going. I let him choose the path that we went on, and just followed his lead! We found so many ‘footprints’ and even spotted a few dinosaur nests!

  • Playdoh

Playdoh is a fun favourite for children, but it can also be really educational! Again, we got the craftypod out so that all the mess that comes with Playdoh was contained (I didn’t want it anywhere near my carpet or sofa!) I used the Playdoh to learn colours. We learnt that by mixing certain colours together, we could make whole new ones! And because it didn’t really feel like learning – he loved it! He facetimed my mom and told him all about what colours mixed together to make what. Naturally by the end of it we were left with a big brown blob of playdoh but that’s all part of the fun, right?

  • Baking

I love baking but I struggle to find the time to do it normally, so this was the perfect excuse! I have struggled to find any flour, so I went down to the Asda and picked up one of those ready mixed boxes, where you just add butter etc. I already had some Dinosaur (naturally!) cookie cutters from Lakeland that we could use. The cookie mix was really easy to mix together and Elliott enjoyed cutting them out. I picked up some glitter writing icing and we had a go at decorating our cookies! This was a really fun and tasty activity to do and didn’t break the bank either!

  • Orbeez

These are the coolest things ever invented for kids! Its not only good for sensory play, but can be used to work on their fine motor skills and they are super fun! We bought 2 boxes of pre-hydrated Orbeez (they were refills for some sort of foot spa, but they can be used for play) I emptied one of the boxes into a bowl and let Elliott do what he wanted with them. I think they had been in his possession 30 seconds before he had tipped them all out of the bowl – thankfully we were in the craftypod! I think a box of these cost me £5.49 and you got 1000 Orbeez in them. When we had finished playing, I covered the bowl with cling film and popped it in the cupboard for another day. I got these at end of March and they are still good to play with at the end of April, so they are brilliant value!

I hope you enjoyed my ideas and have fun trying them out with your little ones! I’d love to see and hear if you do!

All items were purchased by myself apart from the CraftyPod which was gifted.

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